Advent Reading

Eusebius_of_CaesareaEusebius of Caesarea, Church History, 1, 2, 17ff.

This is the moment: behold, the Master of all virtues, the Father’s Minister for the distribution of all good things, the divine and heavenly Word, has appeared to all men, to all the peoples of the earth prepared and ready to receive the knowledge of the Father, through a man who is in no way different from our own nature in the essence of his body, and who has done and suffered what they prophets foretold.

They had predicted that a God-Man, a worker of marvelous deeds, would come to the earth and become the Teacher of the Father’s religion for all peoples; they had preannounced the wonder of this birth, the novelty of his teachings, the marvelousness of his works, and then the Death he would undergo, his Resurrection, and his divine return to the heavens.

It is clear that all of this can be attributed to no one other than our Savior, the God-Word who was with God in the beginning and who, by his ultimate Incarnation, is also called the Son of Man.



Author: Mark Wampler

Books, Jesus, and family. With coffee and rain. I've got two little boys, Jeremiah and Isaac and a ridiculously smart and good-looking wife named Rebekah. I'm an InterVarsity campus pastor and write at which you should contribute to. Shoot me a message. :)

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